Atraaz hai

Atraaz hai.. (😶😶)

“Aj na jane maan udas hai..

Ankho mai chaai uski yaad hai..

Dil kah raha kr lu baat usse ek dafa..

Pr na jane kiyo.. Dimag ko is baat se

Atraaz hai.. ”



Kaha diya… 😞😞

“जानते हुए की हमें, झूठ बोलना नहीं आता..

फिर भी उसने हमें झूठा कह दिया…

खता खुद ने की थी, रिश्ते मै हमारे,

और हमें बेवफा कह दिया…

#jerry… (आयुषी मेहरा )

KITNI THI.. (How much)😎

Kitni thi.. (How much.. )😎😎


To die on everyone..

But you were fate..

Otherwise you don’t know how much i have like you..”

“हममे आदत नहीं.,

हर किसी पर मर मिटने की,

तू किस्मत वाली थी..,

वरना तेरे जैसी ना जाने कितनी थी ”


Seekha hai(learned)

Learned (seekha hai)😎😎

“Even by staying alone,

Have learned to be happy,

By fighting death,

Learned to live life,

Now you do not ask so much,

I will not change now,

breaking relationships with hard work,

I have learned to smile..”

“अकेले रहकर भी मैंने,

खुश रहना सीखा है,

मौत से लड़कर मैंने,

ज़िन्दगी जीना सीखा है,

अब ना कर तू गुज़ारिश इतनी,

मै नहीं अब बदलूँगा,

बड़ी मेहनत से रिश्ते तोड़कर,

मैंने मुस्कुराना सीखा है ”


Nothing between us.. 😞

Kuch bhi nahi hai.. (Nothing between us..)😘😘

“No tale and No connection..

And a single relation is not there between us…

But It is not true..

That nothing is between us.. ”




“The style of my living is different…

I don’t think about loss or gain…

when everyone want live with love…

I am with the compony of pain”..


#jerry..(Ayush mehra)

A cup of Coffee..☕☕

  • IMG_20180831_202811
  • A cup of coffee…💖💖☕☕

  • I remember the cup of coffee with you..And I miss you…soo much…and this is for you…..


A cup of coffee with you,

convincing you for this was hard,

but you melt on my words,

which was an art,

we have ordered only a cup of coffee,

depite we were two,

that was our love,

which I was sharing with you,

It is too hard,

for me to forget you,

every single second I’m missing,

That A Cup of coffee with you..

#with love






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